: : : Def Comedy Jam - More All Stars, Vol. 1

Def Comedy Jam - More All Stars, Vol. 1

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===Story=== The three lively, 1990s episodes of ''Def Comedy Jam'' on ''More All Stars, Vol. 1'' find Martin Lawrence hosting two of the programs, though his duties include a funny bit about trying to put on a condom in the fog of early-morning sleepiness. ("Just go to work. I'll call you when I'm done.") The parade of brief appearances by working comics include Angela Means, who complains about the worried boyfriend who left her during the L.A. riots because her complexion was dangerously light. Cedric the Entertainer, in his impressionist mode, imagines Luther Vandross's soulful schoolboy days, while Alturo Shelton enlists several colleagues (and the one white guy in the audience) to recreate glory years of the Temptations. Lots to enjoy, but a real highlight is Tommy Chun's bewilderment over Ice Cube's taste in flannel shirts. ("How do you survive in South Central? Get a tank top!").''--Tom Keogh''


Martin Lawrence

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