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Deep Blue Sea review
A good Jaws attempt


If you think you've seen Deep Blue Sea before, you may be right. The concept is original, yet everything else is very much like the whole monster movie genre. There is a monster. There is a group of people. Something happens and they are stuck. The monsters pick them off one by one. Need we go on? Part Jaws, part Alien, part Deep Rising, Deep Blue Sea does manage to tread water for a while, before sinking (like the pun?).

The sharks are very life-like. The special effects guys used a combination of real mako and computer generated sharks. The lab Aquatica is a spectacular set in Baja Mexico, both high tech research facility and shabby series of tunnels. Every special effect is nice. However, anytime someone begins speaking, the movie becomes lamer. Many of the other characters seem straight out of a soap opera. The only thing Warner Bros. will say is to expect the unexpected. Here, there is very little that is unexpected. Instead of working together, the group begins to bicker when the problems start to happen. The typical twists and turns accompanying a big summer action movie are taken before the conventional ending.

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