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===Story=== Light Yagami, an overachiever and freshmen collage student, finds a notebook called a death note. After reading the instructions in disbelief, he tries it out anyway, and discovers the power it holds. Now, using the death note, which can take the life of whoever's name is written in it, Light tries to reform the world by ridding it of criminals. However, in the eyes of the police and higher-ups, Light (now being called Kira) is considered a mass murderer and must be caught. They even have L, a brilliant young detective believed to be the best on their side. Will Light be able to form his new world without getting caught?


Ken'ichi MatsuyamaL
Tatsuya FujiwaraLight Yagami
Asaka SetoNaomi Misora
Shigeki HosokawaRaye Iwamatsu
Erika TodaMisa Amane
Shunji FujimuraWatari
Takeshi KagaSoichiro Yagami
Yuu KashiiShiori Akino
Shido NakamuraRyuk (voice)

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