Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge

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Freiza's Brother

The good:

  • Action
  • Story Line


    Well this movie shows that Dragonball Z is just plain action. I mean at every corner there is a punch or a ki blast. This movie will keep you at the edge of your seat. It is full of suspense.

    Story Line
    Goku is on a camp out with his family and friends. Well as they are having a good time Goku feels that something is watching them. He does not know that Frieza's brother Cooler wants revenge. The fight begins when his henchmen come after Goku. Goku is taken apart by Cooler and has Gohan go and get Senzu beans. Goku re heals and has full power. The fight begins. A Super Sayian vs Cooler. Is the...

  • 9.0

    DragonBall Z: Cooler's Revenge

    The good:

    It features Frieza's brother.

    The bad:

    The 2nd film is better.


    DragonBall Z: Cooler's Revenge is a great film especcialy if you have the 2nd one to watch afterwards. The animations is nice and new so it looks neat. The music is ok, nothing special and the voice cast and SFX is great. There are 2 versions out, cut and uncut from FUNimation. Cooler is Frieza's brother and alot better in my opinion.

    Overall i'd give this movie a rating of 95%