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Dawson's Creek - The Complete First Season

===Story=== Even viewers who consider themselves beyond their teen-angst years might find ''Dawson's Creek'' compelling watching. For years Dawson (James Van Der Beek) and Joey (Katie Holmes) have watched movies and slept in the same bed, but they find that as they enter high school their relationship will inevitably change. That becomes especially clear when Dawson is immediately attracted to Capeside, Massachusetts's sexy new arrival, Jen (Michelle Williams). Meanwhile, their friend Pacey (Joshua Jackson) pursues an unachievable love object. Creator Kevin Williamson based ''Dawson's Creek'' on his own youth, and sure, the characters may not really look or sound 15, but the Dawson-Joey-Jen interplay--especially embodied by the sad-eyed and cynical (but still adorable) Joey and the smart but emotionally inept Dawson--gives the show its heart. And just like Williamson's fresh take on the teen-horror genre, ''Scream'', ''Dawson's Creek'' has a winking self-awareness, for example when Dawson says they're having a "''90210'' moment" or explains that they use big words because they watch too many movies. Highlights of the first season include Dawson's discovery that his perfect home life may not be so perfect, an unwelcome reminder of Jen's past, the ''Breakfast Club'' takeoff "Detention," the ''Scream'' takeoff "The Scare," a beauty contest in which two unlikely competitors square off, and the heart-rending finale. On the DVDs, Williamson and producer Paul Stubin have a commentary track for both the pilot episode and the last episode, in which they offer parallels between the two "bookends," notes on the locations, vast praise for their cast and affection for the show, and a few spoilers regarding subsequent seasons. Williamson and Stubin also do all the talking in an 8-minute featurette "From Day One," while Van Der Beek, Holmes, Jackson, and (briefly) Williams discuss their characters in the 7-minute "Season One Time Capsule," recorded back when the series premiered. On the downside, picture quality is sometimes quite grainy, perhaps because all 13 episodes plus bonuses are squeezed onto three discs. ''--David Horiuchi'' ===DVD Features=== * Available subtitles: English, Spanish, Portuguese * Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround) * Commentary by Kevin Williamson and Paul Stupin on the pilot episode and the final episode * 13 episodes on three discs: Pilot, Dance, Kiss, Discovery, Hurricane, Baby, Detention, Boyfriend, Road Trip, The Scare, Double Date, Beauty Contest, Decisions * "Dawson's Creek: From Day One" retrospective featurette * Season One Time Capsule * Number of discs: 3


James Van Der BeekDawson Leery
Michelle WilliamsJen Lindley
Joshua JacksonPacey Witter
Katie HolmesJoey Potter
Mary-Margaret HumesGail Leery
John Wesley ShippMitch Leery
Mary Beth PeilEvelyn 'Grams' Ryan
Nina RepetaBessie Potter
Scott FoleyCliff Elliot
Eric BalfourWarren Goering

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