===Story=== The world has become a living nightmare of surreal proportions, with the planet's population hit by an inexplicable, unfathomable lethal plague where the dead aren't staying dead. Corpses yearning for their next meal are now stalking the few remaining survivors, driven by their insatiable hunger to feed upon the flesh of the living. ===DVD Features=== -The Lost Tape: Home movie of Andy's last days. -Special Report: Zombie Invasion -12 Minutes of Deleted Scenes -Commentary by Director Zack Snyder and Producer Eric Newman. -Splitting Headaches: Anatomy of exploding heads -Attack of the Living Dead: Most memorable zombie kills. -Raising the Dead: Turning the actors into zombies.


Sarah PolleyAna
Ving RhamesKenneth
Jake WeberMichael
Mekhi PhiferAndre
Ty BurrellSteve
Michael KellyCJ
Kevin ZegersTerry
Michael BarryBart
Lindy BoothNicole
Louis FerreiraLuis
Scott H. ReinigerThe General
Tom SaviniThe County Sheriff
Ken ForeeThe Televangelist

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Is Dawn of the Dead a great movie? By no means. But it knows what its audience wants,...

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