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Bloody chunky diarrhea = This movie


Anna Paquin used to be a good actress in my opinion. With successes in Fly Away Home and The Piano, she established her career early on. Even in X-Men, I thought she played Rogue pretty well. Now, onto this movie...She was crap. This movie is by far the worst horror movie I have seen in a long time. It started off slow as hell, and I was bored throughout the entire film. I'll start with the beginning, which was total crap. Nothing remotely "horrific" happened until about 20 minutes into the movie, when a pencil rolled under the bed...

As the movie progressed, it got worse and worse. Every single scene looked the same, and they all re-inforced that the dad was crazy, the kid (Paul) was clinically depressed, and the mom was irresponsible as hell. The continuous scenes that all had the same purpose got annoying real fast. And then the ending comes, what a crock of shit. Besides all the darkness, senseless shouting and screaming, I couldn't even believe the stupid attempt at a twist. The entire movie is a waste of everyone's time, and if you feel like watching this movie, I recommend putting 8 dollars in a blender, along with your face. It feels better.

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