: : : Dario Argento's World of Horror

Dario Argento's World of Horror

===Story=== Behind-the-scenes documentaries tend to be hit-or-miss affairs, often becoming so bogged down in arcane details that they wind up being a little tedious. ''Dario Argento's World of Horror'', however, is a fascinating look at the master of the Italian horror film. There are plenty of how-to details concerning films such as ''The Bird with the Crystal Plumage'', ''Tenebrae'', ''Four Flies on Grey Velvet'', and much of his other horror and ''giallo''work through l985, as well as an examination of his involvement with George Romero's zombie classic ''Dawn of the Dead''. There are also lengthy interview segments that plumb the depths of Argento's dark visions as he discusses his influences, from Hitchcock to American pulp writers like Chandler, Hammett and Woolrich. The director's visually stylish, thematically complex work has been analyzed and dissected in print at great length, but the rather chilling interviews with the man give a new insight into his obsessions and a clue as to what actually makes him tick. Argento's personal protégé Michele Soavi (director of ''Dellamorte, Dellamore'' and ''The Church'') helmed this documentary in hands-off style. Highly recommended for horror fans in general and fans of the Italian breed of horror in particular. ''--Jerry Renshaw''''''''''''''


Dario Argento

  • Genre: Documentaries
  • Director: Michele Soavi
  • Producer: Synapse
  • Length: 71 min
  • Aspect ratio: 1.33:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaJan 1, 1985
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaFeb 10, 1999
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