===Story=== There are some good laughs to be found in ''Daddy Day Care'', especially if you're a preschooler with energy to burn. This romper-room comedy shamelessly exploits its high concept idea--dropping Eddie Murphy into a seething den of rugrats--but kids will have plenty of vicarious fun as Murphy and his fellow laid-off colleague (Jeff Garlin) battle unemployment by opening a day-care center in Eddie's home. In partial ''Witches'' mode, Anjelica Huston hams it up as a day-care competitor bent on closing Eddie down, while doofus extraordinaire Steve Zahn is recruited as a third partner in "Daddy Day Care," trying his best to entertain a pack of hyperactive kids who've stopped taking their Ritalin. Zahn makes a funny ''Star Trek'' fan (even when the script contains bogus Trekkie trivia), and Murphy deserves credit for giving his all in a comedy that mostly squanders his talent. Indeed, is ''Daddy Day Care'' a comedy or every parent's nightmare? Daring viewers can decide for themselves. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== * Meet Daddy Day Care Kids Featurette * Quiet On the Set! Featurette * Good Morning, Eddie Murphy! Featurette * What Did That Kid Say? Featurette * Name the Noise Maker Game * Kid Card Match Up Game * Odd One Out Game * Blooper Reel * All New Animated Short Early Bloomers * Trailers


Eddie MurphyCharlie Hinton
Jeff GarlinPhil
Steve ZahnMarvin
Regina KingKim Hinton
Kevin NealonBruce
Jonathan KatzDan Kubitz
Siobhan FallonPeggy
Lisa EdelsteinCrispin's Mom
Lacey ChabertJenny
Laura KightlingerSheila
Leila ArcieriKelli
Anjelica HustonMrs. Gwyneth Harridan
Khamani GriffinBen Hinton
Max BurkholderMax
Arthur YoungNicky
Elle FanningJamie
Shane BaumelCrispin

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