: : : Cube 2: Hypercube
===Story=== Eight strangers find themselves waking up in a strange cube-shaped room with no recollection of how they came to be there. Soon discovering that they're in a strange fourth dimension where our laws of physics don't apply, they have to unravel the secrets of the "hypercube" in order to survive...


Kari MatchettKate Filmore
Geraint Wyn DaviesSimon Grady
Grace Lynn KungSasha
Matthew FergusonMax Reisler
Neil CroneJerry Whitehall
Barbara GordonMrs. Paley
Lindsey ConnellJulia
Greer KentBecky Young
Bruce GrayColonel Thomas H. Maguire
Philip AkinThe General
Paul RobbinsTracton
Andrew ScorerDr. Phil Rosenzweig

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