: : : C.S.I. - The Eighth Season
===Story=== In the eighth season of this popular television drama, suspense runs high as Las Vegas's top crime scene investigators, led by Gil Grissom (William Petersen), find the cases they're trying to solve becoming more and more difficult to crack. Whether they're in the cool casinos of the Vegas strip or out in the hot Nevada deserts, these specially trained detectives prove that they have what it takes to get. ===DVD Features=== *Audio Commentary on "Cockroaches" *Audio Commentary on "You Kill Me" *While the Cast's Away, The Rats Will Play *William Friedkin: A Different Take *So Long, Sara Sidle *What Happened in Vegas... *Shot in the Dark *TOD: A Bug's Life *Deleted Scenes *Bonus Episode: Without a Trace "Where & Why"


William PetersenGil Grissom
Marg HelgenbergerCatherine Willows
Gary DourdanWarrick Brown
George EadsNick Stokes
Jorja FoxSara Sidle
Eric SzmandaGreg Sanders
Robert David HallDr. Al Robbins
Wallace LanghamDavid Hodges
Paul GuilfoyleCaptain Jim Brass
Louise LombardSofia Curtis
Zach GrenierDr. Kachler
Marc VannConrad Ecklie
John Ross BowiePeter Ellis
Harold PerrineauRev. Rhodes
William RussJonah Quinn
Chris DiamantopoulosOliver Zarco
Will SassoMason Lafoon
John HawkesTerry Wicker
Anthony LaPagliaJack Malone
Shooter JenningsHimself
Bonnie BedeliaDDA Madeline Klein
Natasha Gregson WagnerCody Cook
Raymond CruzDonald Balboa
Method ManDrops
Katey SagalAnnabelle Fundt/Natasha Steele
Rachael HarrisMegan Kupowski
Diedrich BaderBud Parker
Stephen TobolowskySpencer Freiberg
Kevin SussmanDon

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