: : : C.S.I. - The Complete Seventh Season

C.S.I. - The Complete Seventh Season

===Story=== CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is a fast-paced drama about a passionate team of forensic investigators trained to solve crimes the old-fashioned way - by examining the evidence. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is on the case 24-7, scouring the scene, collecting the irrefutable evidence and finding the missing pieces that will solve the mystery. Rapper Kevin Federline guest stars as an arrogant teenager who harasses the CSI team as it investigates a series of brutal tourist beatings in Season 7 of the popular series. Not to worry, though: Gil Grissom's (William L. Petersen) dogged investigators won't be deterred as they use all of the latest forensic techniques to reconstruct crime scenes. ===DVD Features=== *"Built To Kill, Part 1" Commentary by Naren Shankar & Ken Fink *"Fannysmackin'" Commentary by Richard Lewis & Dustin Lee Abraham *"Living Legend" Commentary by Martha Coolidge & Matthew Mungle *"Sweet Jane" Commentary by Naren Shankar & Ken Fink *"Law Of Gravity" Commentary by Richard Catalani & Richard Lewis *"Lab Rats" Commentary by Tanenbaum, Sarah Goldfinger, Wallace Langham, Jon Wellner, Liz Vassey, Sherri Rappaport & Archie Kao *"Living Doll, Part 1" Commentary by Naren Shankar & Ken Fink *"The Evolution of CSI: Season 7" *"Smoke and Mirrors: Directing Feature Television" *"Who Are You? Inside 'Living Legend'" *"Miniature Murders" *"Inside 'Built to Kill'" *"Las Vegas: The Real Crime Solvers"


William PetersenGil Grissom
Marg HelgenbergerCatherine Willows
Gary DourdanWarrick Brown
George EadsNick Stokes
Jorja FoxSara Sidle
Eric SzmandaGreg Sanders
Robert David HallDr. Al Robbins
Louise LombardSofia Curtis
Paul GuilfoyleCaptain Jim Brass
Wallace LanghamDavid Hodges
Scott WilsonSam Braun
John MayerHimself
Danny BonaduceIzzy Delancey
Marc VannConrad Ecklie
Rick YuneMr. Hsing
Kevin FederlineCole 'Pig' Tritt
Alan TudykCarl Fisher
Betsy BrandtDawn Hanson
Clifton PowellTerrance Crowley
DJ QuallsHenry Briney
Roger DaltreyMickey Dunn
Michael RispoliIke Mannleigh
Matt MalloyMax Sullivan
Lucinda JenneySheriff Beth McGuire
Liev SchreiberMichael Keppler
Ned BeattyDr. David Lowry
Len CariouFrank McCarty
Walton GogginsMarlon Frost
Kellan LutzChris Mullins
Method ManDrops
Peter StormareGeorge 'Binky' Babinkian
Kurt FullerSheriff Ned Bastille
Vince VielufConnor Foster

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