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===Story=== When beautiful, young women start disappearing from the streets of LA, it's time for good-guy Callan (a.k.a. Cross) and his crew of weapons experts to kick into high gear and uncover the mystery. Granted incredible power by his ancient Celtic cross, Callan must fight to stop an immortal Viking from destroying mankind. Also Starring: Vinnie Jones,Tom Sizemore, Jake Busey and Lori Heuring.


Danny TrejoLexavier
Michael Clarke DuncanErlik
C. Thomas HowellJake
Brian Austin GreenCallan
Vinnie JonesGunnar
Tom SizemoreDetective Nitti
Jake BuseyBackfire
Robert CarradineDr. Zyal
William ZabkaSaw
Lori HeuringLucia
Jessica ChobotAbbey
Susie AbromeitSunshine
Bart JohnsonLandon
Rachel NollBeth
Samantha MumbaIshka

another AC fan
Dec 21, 09 5:08pm
A good read for those interested in investigations and stuff
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