Cradle 2 the Grave review
As much as I like Jet Li, this movie sucks


What exactly does the title Cradle 2 the Grave have to do with the rest of the movie? Don't think too hard, because it doesn't. Make any sense? No, but neither does the rest of the film. Now that Jet Li has firmly established himself as a star in American movies, he seems to gravitate towards the latest trend in martial arts movies, the melding of martial arts and hip-hop.

Jet Li does his best to look tough, but it never works. And when Li get his moves in, haphazard editing and bad angles spoil watching him at work. DMX does have some screen presence, but it's best left in small amounts. Character development for him amounts to nothing more than giving him a daughter, so he seems a little more human. However, 'presence' does not make him a good actor. His lines are short, and DMX has a gruff voice that screams them out. It would work much better in a five-minute music video. After a lot of waffling, the movie finally gets around to the finale, which is an adequate scene that does make up for a lot of the rest of the film.

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