: : : Cowboy Bebop Volume 1
===Story=== In the year 2071 AD, humanity have covered the stars and taken rules of freedom, violence and illegality with them. Spike Spiegal and Jet Black are two bounty hunters who pursue dangerous criminals just so they make enough to eat for another week. Their presents, and their pasts, are very dark and complicated already, but their lives become even more obscure when the seductive Faye Valentine joins their two men (and one dog) crew... Includes:- Session #01) Asteroid Blues
Session #02) Stray Dog Strut
Session #03) Honky Tonk Women
Session #04) Gateway Shuffle
Session #05) Ballad of Fallen Angels ===DVD Features=== · Beez trailers · Interactive menus · Scene selection


Melissa Charles
Koichi Yamadera
Unsho Ishizuka
Megumi Hayashibara
Wendee Lee
Steve Jay Blum

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