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===Story=== ''Cooley High'' has frequently been compared to ''American Graffiti'', and for good reason. Like that classic, ''Cooley High'' has a loose, multicharacter structure, autobiographical origins, and the rich texture of its time. Set in Chicago in 1964, the movie follows aspiring writer Preach (Glynn Turman) and local basketball star Cochise (Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs, who went on to star in ''Welcome Back, Kotter'') as they wander their neighborhood, drifting in and out of their classes at Cooley Vocational High School. The two friends pull pranks, crash parties, commit petty crimes, and generally try to enjoy their lives in an impoverished urban environment. Preach falls in love with a smart girl named Brenda (Cynthia Davis), whom he wins over by reciting poetry--leading to one of the silliest and sweetest love scenes you'll ever see. When Preach and Cochise go on a joy ride with a pair of young hoods, they end up arrested. Their history teacher, Mr. Mason (a superb Garrett Morris), gets them off, but the hoods think the boys sold them out and come seeking revenge. ''Cooley High'' depicts the rough life of African Americans in the 1960s with honesty and humor, offering no easy solutions or pat lessons. It's a roughly made movie, but Turman and Jacobs are both excellent, and there's an attention to reality that makes it engaging, refreshing, and ultimately moving. The soundtrack is a great compilation of 1960s soul, including the Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas, Stevie Wonder, the Four Tops, and Smokey Robinson. An unjustly neglected film that deserves rediscovery. ''--Bret Fetzer''


Glynn TurmanLeroy 'Preach' Jackson
Lawrence Hilton-JacobsRichard 'Cochise' Morris
Garrett MorrisMr. Mason
Cynthia DavisBrenda
Corin RogersPooter
Maurice Leon HavisWillie
Joseph Carter WilsonTyrone
Sherman SmithStone
Maurice MarshallDamon
Steven WilliamsJimmy Lee
Jackie TaylorJohnny Mae
Christine JonesSandra
Lynn CaridineDorothy

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