: : : Come Together
===Story=== Dedicated To New York City and Its People. John Lennon's music and visions of universal peace have continued to inspire the world...even after his passing. This special tribute brought prominent musical artists together on October 2nd, 2001, and was full of prayer and hope in the wake of the recent and tragic events of September 11th, with proceeds going towards healing efforts for the City of New York. Hosted by Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey, this all-star Emmy-nominated concert was broadcast live on the WB Television Network and Turner Network Television from Radio City Music Hall. Includes: Imagine
In My Life
Dear Prudence
Across the Universe
Strawberry Fields Forever
Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
Instant Karma
Jealous Guy
Nowhere Man
Mind Games
Come Together
This Boy
Give Peace A Chance Power To the People
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