: : : Coach - The Third Season

Coach - The Third Season

===Story=== Craig T. Nelson is Hayden Fox, head coach of Minnesota State University's Screaming Eagles football team. Fox has to contend with a team that has seen better days, a couple of none-to-bright assistant coaches, a partner who isn't half as obsessed with football, and all the rest of the situations that come along in Big Ten athletics. Includes all 22 episodes from the third season with guest stars such as Tom Poston, K Callan, Dick Martin, and Rob Schneider. ===DVD Features=== *Coach: The One-Hour Special - Mary Hart interviews Coach


Craig T. NelsonCoach Hayden Fox
Jerry Van DykeAssistant Coach Luther Horatio Van Dam
Clare CareyKelly Fox
Bill FagerbakkeDauber Dybinski
Kris KammStuart Rosebrock
Shelley FabaresChristine Armstrong
Tom PostonDr. Art Hibke
Gregory ItzinTom
Beth GrantMartha
Jim PiddockAttendant
K CallanMarion Williamson
Dick MartinPeter Plunkett
Rob SchneiderLeonard Kraleman

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