Cloud Atlas review
True Love is Real

The good:

1. Excitement
2. True story of love
3. Splendid and beautiful scenes
4. Curious, daring, brave, whimsical, characters
5. Several different adventurous, revolutionary eras of time

The bad:

1. Confusion
2. Scenes need extended
3. Maybe a different approach?


The infamous Cloud Atlas is a movie based upon the book by David Mitchell. His story inspired Hollywood to create a movie based upon the lives of six different individuals and their own journey throughout time, their destruction's as well as their successes while they come together to find true love. Cloud Atlas is an extraordinary movie that proves what true love is, how to find it, and what it does when you are actually willing to experience it.

The adventure of Cloud Atlas begins at the end of it's story when a man named Zackary begins to tell his life's legacy and his own experience finding himself, defeating his demon, and saving the love of his life from a brutal exsizement.

Once he starts his story it begins in the 18th century, some isles away from America. The story flashes from era to era, beginning with the story of a man who created the Cloud Atlas, which was a sextant he developed himself using his own musical talents. We then jump into the 70s when a large debate was ascending amongst the United States, the debate on Oil and reliable resource. A woman in this era discovers the sextant as she also runs into a man whom changes her life forever.

From the era of love we hit 2012 when a man began to write a book about soul mates, the past life, karma, and love. The story thickens as we enter the future to a new world, a world called NeoSoul. In this century it is 2144 and bio-genetics has created fabricants(individuals) to have one life goal, to work for consumers. We enter a diner where every waitress looks the same and live only a life to serve. A revolution amongst the consumers arises and begins the fall and the beginning of a free world fabricant.

The story then jumps to 106 years after the fall of NeoSoul and into a world where cannibalism is not unheard of. Everyone fends for themselves. There are valley people and cannibalistic tribes who swoop through whenever they seek food. In this era this is where the man at the beginning of the story describes his life and how he met his soul mate and everything they experienced together.

Throughout the story you will see amazing scenes of beautiful, clear blue water beaches, modern 18th century parties, interstellar futuristic scenes of what we could only image our future to be, flying cars, aerial runways, building tall enough so the water can't reach, the world after the apocalypse and the rise of man has fallen, excellent scenes in mysterious temples, breathtaking detail to gadgets of the future, and so much more! Cloud Atlas is such a nice touch to helping the world see that love is real.

The Cloud Atlas not only describes love and what it is, but it shows how it can rise into your own life. The story explains not only how the characters find their own soul mates but also how each one of the 6 people are connected to each other. Through the Cloud Atlas sextant, pearly gold, a journal, and a revolutionary idea, as well as a futuristic object these six people's lives intertwine. There is a bit of confusion at points in the movie if you happen to miss more than a couple minutes of this astonishing tale. Leaving the TV for a snack during this movie would not be an option.

There are some parts of Cloud Atlas that should go a bit further into the story and the plot to accomplish what the story was made for. I am thinking maybe a different approach, a different collaboration should be have been established to actually grasp every bit of the beauty that Cloud Atlas shines to it's viewers.

Overall, this movie was by far my favorite movie of all time and will always be. We are all connected, it only takes eyes that are open to see.

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Duncan Idaho Jun 27, 13
I digress on two of the bad points, there is nothing confusing if you are familiar with the idea of rencarnation and that of the red string of fate so popular these days, once you take both onto account any doubts fall flat.
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Jesivis Jul 1, 13
I know, but from the many friends I had watch this movie with me they were confused because they didn't understand it, I however didn't find it hard to understand whatsoever, but from the experience of seeing how it affected others I had to mention those bad points.
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