===Story=== Tomoya Okazaki is a school student who detests what he considers to be a hard life and tends to spend his school days loafing around with his own friend Youhei. However, his life is set to change tracks when he crosses paths with Nagisa as she stands timidly at the foot of the hill to school. To him, calling out to her was a simple action just to get her to move forward, but this action will lead him down a distinctly different path. From there Tomoya finds himself associating with many different people, all of whom have problems in their lives. With Nagisa, Kyou, Ryou, Kotomi, Tomoyo and Fuko all struggling through their own hardships Tomoya finds himself dragged into helping them while being forced to face the troubles he has tried to escape from. ===DVD Features=== * Clean Opening & Closing Animation * Trailers


Mai NakaharaNagisa Furukawa
Yuuichi NakamuraTomoya Okazaki
Ryou HirohashiKyou Fujibayashi
Akemi KandaRyou Fujibayashi
Houko KuwashimaTomoyo Sakagami
Mamiko NotoKotomi Ichinose
Ai NonakaFuuko Ibuki
Daisuke SakaguchiYouhei Sunohara
Kikuko InoueSanae Furukawa
Ryotaro OkiayuAkio Furukawa
Hiroshi NakaNaoyuki Okazaki

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