: : : Clannad After Story: Collection 1
===Story=== Having finally openly admmitting their feelings for one another Tomoya and Nagisa begin a much closer relationship, yet the troubles of school life was not been left behind. Friends like Mei, Misae and Yukine find their own problems that threaten to unravel their lives, with somewhat drastic actions being taken to resolve these conflicts and bring about peaceful resolutions. However, time continues to march on and their time at school draws to an end, or at least for mmost of them. Nagisa's health fails her which results in her missing a lot of school, forcing her to repeat her final year yet again. Tomoya graduates and finds himself struggling to find a place in working society, but with the neverending support of his girlfriend he begins to face reality and makes a real effort. ===DVD Features=== * Clean Opening & Closing Animation * Trailers


Mai NakaharaNagisa Furukawa
Yuuichi NakamuraTomoya Okazaki
Ryou HirohashiKyou Fujibayashi
Akemi KandaRyou Fujibayashi
Houko KuwashimaTomoyo Sakagami
Mamiko NotoKotomi Ichinose
Daisuke SakaguchiYouhei Sunohara
Yukari TamuraMei Sunohara
Satsuki YukinoMisae Sagara
Atsuko EnomotoYukine Miyazawa
Ryotaro OkiayuAkio Furukawa
Kikuko InoueSanae Furukawa
Hiroshi NakaNaoyuki Okazaki

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