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===Story=== In a world where computers can take on human shapes known as "Persocoms", Hideki Motosuwa feels he is the unluckiest guy around, not to have a cute girl computer companion like everyone else. But his luck drastically changes when he finds a girl Persocom abandoned in the trash. However, Hideki discovers that his new Persocom is like no other; it can still move despite having no data, and it can only say its own name, "Chi". Hideki must solve the mystery, pass his all his classes...and try not to fall in love... Includes:- #01) Chi Awakens #02) Chi Goes Out #03) Chi Learns #04) Chi Goes Shopping ===DVD Features=== * Non-credit Opening * Image Gallery


Tony Oliver
Mona Marshall
Michelle Ruff
Crispin Freeman

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Hideki Motosuwa is one lucky farmboy. After failing his university entrance exams he...

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