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Charmed - The Complete Fifth Season

===Story=== As season five of Charmed begins, benevolent witch Piper Halliwell (Holly Marie Combs) is pregnant with the baby of "Whitelighter" (guardian angel) Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause). Piper's sister Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) has at last landed a steady job as a newspaper advice columnist (with Rebecca Balding joining the cast in the recurring role of Phoebe's boss, Elise), and has started divorce proceeding against her husband, Cole (Julian McMahon), whom she suspects is still a malevolent demon despite his protestations of turning over a new leaf. And the girls' telekinetic half sister Paige (Rose McGowan) is being kept busy with her new responsibilities as a social worker. Meanwhile, Phoebe and Cole's baby, whom some believe is slated to be ruler of the Underworld, has been kidnapped by The Seer, a female demon who in the previous season had briefly taken Cole's human form and trapped Phoebe into marriage. Informed by a fellow demon that the baby is destined to become the new Source (a powerful demonic entity who caused all sorts of trouble for the Halliwells in earlier episodes), the conscience-stricken Cole begs "Charmed Ones" Piper, Phoebe, and Paige to help him exorcise all the evil within him -- and, remarkably, they succeed in this endeavor as season five reaches its halfway point. Later on, Piper gives birth to baby son Wyatt, who even in infancy possesses the power to create a force field that will deflect all demonic activity (no wonder Piper was impervious to injury during her pregnancy!). Meanwhile, Paige finds her job too confining, and becomes a freelance do-gooder, determined to use her witches' powers for the benefit rather than the detriment of humankind. ===DVD Features===


Alyssa MilanoPhoebe Halliwell
Rose McGowanPaige Matthews
Holly Marie CombsPiper Halliwell
Brian KrauseLeo Wyatt
Julian McMahonCole Turner
Dorian GregoryDarryl Morris
Jaime PresslyMylie
Diane SalingerSea Hag
Fred KoehlerNecron's Minion
Judson Earney ScottNecron
Tobin BellOrin
Emmanuelle VaugierDr. Ava Nicolae
Billy DragoBarbas
Ken MarinoMiles
Tony ToddAvatar of Force
Shauna SandSienna
Richard LynchCronyn
Grace ZabriskieThe Crone
Jack McGeeHawker Demon
Eric DaneJason Dean
Norman ReedusNate Parks

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