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Cellular review
Good popcorn flick


Cellular is a stupid movie. But the paces moves so quickly, and there is just enough plausibility, that the movie gets away with being a slick, popcorn film. It's a film that relies on a gimmick, the cell phone. They are ubiquitous in society today. And what if somebody were to get a phone life or death phone call from a stranger, and they were the only person that could help? If this premise sounds similar to Phone Booth, it should. They both were directed by the same person.

The aspects that detract from the film are the fact that the characters are not doing what they should. Ryan knows that his phone can store numbers, so he should just hang up, go to the police, and have them trace the number. The kidnappers should just drug Jessica, or tie her up and gag her to keep her where they can see her instead of throwing her in an attic. These little mistakes increase as the movie continues. The events happen more or less in real time which adds a sense of urgency, and it is this sense that propels the film forwarding, letting people forget about these little mishaps. Evans is not much of a lead actor, and all Cellular requires of Basinger to do is cry. Macy is the person to watch here. To let people catch their breath, Cellular will often switch away from Jessica and Ryan, and go to Mooney, who is a bored desk cop. Some things don't add up in Ryan's story, so he begins to investigate. It's a great, often funny performance from Macy, which is a nice complement to the craziness that surrounds it.

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