===Story=== Comedian Chris Rock is the leader of a middle-class rap act that wins fame and fortune after donning a prison persona. The title stands for Cell Block 4. Naturally, they are mistaken for the real thing by everyone but the incarcerated gangstas, who are none too happy at the theft of their identities. One of the better efforts from ''Saturday Night Live'' alumni, this "rapumentary" is a hip-hop hit. However, it is not up to the cutting humor of that granddaddy of all spoofs, ''This Is Spinal Tap?'', as misogyny and meanness get in the way. It has an anything-goes mentality, so expect outrageously filthy lyrics and plenty of tasteless humor. Of note: Director Tamra Davis was also behind that wild 1992 road movie, ''Guncrazy''. ''--Rochelle O'Gorman'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Chris RockAlbert/MC Gusto
Allen PayneEuripides/Dead Mike
Deezer DOtis/Stab Master Arson
Chris ElliottA. White
Phil HartmanVirgil Robinson
Charles Q. MurphyGusto
Khandi AlexanderSissy
Isaac HayesOwner
Halle BerryHerself
Ice CubeHimself
Flavor FlavHimself
Shaquille O'NealHimself

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