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Forrest Gump gets stranded


Cast Away suffers from trying to be two films instead of one. That said, it is still enjoyable, and powerful at times. The first film is the story of a man trying desperately to survive on a deserted island. The second is that of his homecoming after four years, and his readjustment to a life that ordinary people take for granted. There was some clamor over trailers revealing the fact that he did survive, and in a way, it was a bad thing. The movie does not spend enough time on his return to adequately convey how moving it is. Cast Away is eagerly anticipated primarily because it is the reteaming of Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis. The last time they made a film together, Forrest Gump, it went on to commercial and critical acclaim.

Both Hanks and Hunt give restrained performances. Their expressions and eyes speak volumes more than their actions and words. Hanks in particular here shows longing and loss in his eyes. There is enough material here for two movies but no element of synergy. In the end, it is Hanks, Zemeckis and Hunt who are able to elevate the Cast Away to a higher level, letting people forget the many missed opportunities.

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