This 1995 family film tries to put a fun spin on the story of a paranormalist and widower (Bill Pullman) who moves into a new house with his daughter (Christina Ricci) and meets up with the ghost of a dead little boy. Based on the comic book about Casper the friendly ghost, the film is a dreary series of awkward interactions between live actors and computer effects, and you can almost see Pullman and Ricci reconsidering the project while on camera. A few cameo appearances from uncredited stars help things a bit. But there's no way, based on this film, that one could have guessed that its director, Brad Silberling, would go on to make the exceptional drama City of Angels. --Tom Keogh

DVD Features

  • Animated
  • Color
  • Closed-captioned
  • Dolby
  • DTS Surround Sound


Chauncey LeopardiNicky
Spencer VroomanAndreas
Malachi PearsonCasper
Cathy MoriartyCarrigan Crittenden
Eric IdlePaul 'Dibbs' Plutzker
Ben SteinMr. Rugg
Don NovelloFather Guido Sarducci
Fred RogersMr. Rogers
Bill PullmanDr. James Harvey
Christina RicciKathleen 'Kat' Harvey
Joe NipoteStretch
Joe AlaskeyStinkie
Brad GarrettFatso
John KassirThe Crypt Keeper
Dan AykroydDr. Raymond Stantz

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