: : : Carry On Constable
===Story=== At Inspector Mills' police station a flu epidemic has broken out, forcing some new recruits to be hired. These three new recruits are hapless people and are soon letting criminals run free from the law. To remain in their job they have to prove they are capable or Sergeant Wilkins will be transferred. There are even some police romances along the way.


Sid JamesSgt. Frank Wilkins
Eric BarkerInspector Mills
Kenneth ConnorPC Charlie Constable
Charles HawtreyPC Timothy Gorse
Kenneth WilliamsPC Stanley Benson
Leslie PhillipsPC Tom Potter
Joan SimsWPC. Gloria Passworthy
Hattie JacquesSgt. Laura Moon
Shirley EatonSally Barry
Cyril ChamberlainThurston
Joan HicksonMrs. May

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