: : : Cadillac Man
===Story=== Robin Williams is in his edgily desperate mode as a Queens car salesman whose life is in turmoil. He's fooling around with someone else's wife, his marriage is on the rocks, and he has to sell 12 cars in 12 days or he will lose his job. He's so desperate that he even tries to pitch a sale to a widow at a funeral. As if he didn't have enough problems, the crazed husband (Tim Robbins) of one of his coworkers bursts into the car show room with an automatic weapon and takes everyone hostage. His wife has been cheating on him (not with Williams) and he's ready to go postal unless he finds out who's been sleeping with her. It's up to Williams to try to keep everyone from getting killed. But as hard as Williams and Robbins work, they can't make this film more than sporadically funny--and that's only because Williams is at his most spritzingly frenetic. ''--Marshall Fine'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Robin WilliamsJoey O'Brien
Tim RobbinsLarry
Pamela ReedTina
Fran DrescherJoy Munchack
Zack NormanHarry Munchack
Lori PettyLila
Annabella SciorraDonna
Paul GuilfoyleLittle Jack Turgeon
Lauren TomHelen the Dim Sum Girl
Bill NunnGrave Digger

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