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===Story=== Helped considerably by a relatively high budget for a 1988 British film, ''Buster'' perfectly remade the 1960s caper-film experience. Rock star Phil Collins plays Buster Edwards, who's only one of a gang who all seem doomed to be captured after their £2.5 million train heist. The caper is over within 30 minutes. However, the film is really about the love story between Buster and his doting yet long-suffering wife June (an excellent Julie Walters). When the action switches to sun-drenched Mexico, you just know her loyalty is going to be tested to extremes because that's when Collins's award-winning songs kick in! "Two Hearts" and "Groovy Kind of Love" may not be '60s-styled, but the message is that love always conquers time and place. ''--Paul Tonks'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Phil CollinsBuster Edwards
Julie WaltersJune Edwards
Larry LambBruce Reynolds
Stephanie LawrenceFranny Reynolds
Ellie BeavenNicky Edwards
Michael AttwellHarry
Ralph BrownRonny Biggs
Christopher EllisonGeorge
Sheila HancockMrs. Rothery
Martin JarvisInspector Jack Mitchell
Clive WoodSergeant Chalmers
Anthony QuayleSir James McDowell
Michael ByrnePoyser
Harold InnocentJustice Parry
Rupert VansittartFairclough
John BenfieldJimmy

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