: : : Bugsy Malone
===Story=== Set in 1929, Bugsy Malone is a gangster musical with a cast composed entirely of kids. Cream firing Splurge Guns replace real weapons and Sasparilla replaces alcohol. The musical tells the story of Bugsy Malone and his rise against Fat Sam and Dandy Dan.


Scott BaioBugsy
Florrie DuggerBlousey
Jodie FosterTallulah
John CassisiFat Sam
Martin LevDandy Dan
Paul MurphyLeroy Smith
Sheridan Earl RussellKnuckles
Albin 'Humpty' JenkinsFizzy
Paul ChirelsteinSmolsky
Andrew PaulO'Dreary
Davidson KnightCagey Joe
Michael JacksonRazamataz
Jeff StevensonLouis
Peter HolderRitzy
Donald WaughSnake Eyes
Dexter FletcherBaby Face
Bonnie LangfordLena Marelli

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