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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Seventh Season

===Story=== The seventh and final season of ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'' begins with a mystery: someone is murdering teenage girls all over the world and something is trying hard to drive Spike mad. Buffy is considerably more cheerful in these episodes than we have seen her during the previous year as she trains Dawn and gets a job as student counselor at the newly rebuilt Sunnydale High. Willow is recovering from the magical addiction which almost led her to destroy the world, but all is not yet well with her, or with Anya, who has returned to being a Vengeance demon in "Same Time, Same Place" and "Selfless," and both women are haunted by their decisions. Haunting of a different kind comes in the excellent "Conversations with Dead People" (one of the show's most terrifying episodes ever), in which a mysterious song is making Spike kill again in spite of his soul and his chip. Giles turns up in "Bring on the Night" and Buffy has to fight one of the deadliest vampires of her career in "Showtime". In "Potential" Dawn faces a fundamental reassessment of her purpose in life. ''Buffy'' was always a show about female empowerment, but it was also a show about how ordinary people can decide to make a difference alongside people who are special. And it was also a show about people making up for past errors and crimes. So, for example, we have the excellent episodes "Storyteller", in which the former geek/supervillain Andrew sorts out his redemption while making a video diary about life with Buffy; and "Lies My Parents Told Me," in which we find out why a particular folk song sends Spike crazy. Redemption abounds as Faith returns to Sunnydale and the friends she once betrayed, and Willow finds herself turning into the man she flayed. Above all, this was always Buffy's show: Sarah Michelle Gellar does extraordinary work here both as Buffy and as her ultimate shadow, the First Evil, who takes her face to mock her. This is a fine ending to one of television's most remarkable shows. ''--Roz Kaveney'' ===DVD Features=== *Available subtitles: English, Spanish *Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround) *22 episodes on six discs: Lessons, Beneath You, Same Time Same Place, Help, Selfless, Him, Conversations with Dead People, Sleeper, Never Leave Me, Bring On the Night, Showtime, Potential, The Killer in Me, First Date, Get It Done, Storyteller, Lies My Parents Told Me, Dirty Girls, Empty Places, Touched, End of Days, Chosen *Commentary by Joss Whedon and director/co-executive producer David Solomon on "Lessons" *Commentary by director/co-executive producer David Solomon and writer Drew Goddard on "Selfless" *Commentary by director Nick Marck, writer/co-executive producer Jane Espenson, writer Drew Goddard, Danny Strong, and Tom Lenk on "Conversations with Dead People" *Commentary by David Solomon and writer Drew Z. Greenberg on "The Killer in Me" *Commentary by director David Fury, writer Drew Goddard, James Marsters ("Spike"), and D.B. Woodside ("Principal Wood") on "Lies My Parents Told Me" *Commentary by Drew Goddard and Nicholas Brendon ("Xander") on "Dirty Girls" *Commentary by Joss Whedon on "Chosen" *Featurettes: Buffy: It's Always Been About the Fans, Buffy 101: Studying the Slayer, Generation S, The Last Sundown *Season 7 overview: "Buffy: Full Circle" *Outtakes reel *Buffy Wraps *DVD-ROM: Willow Demon Guide *Number of discs: 6


Sarah Michelle GellarBuffy Summers
Nicholas BrendonXander Harris
Emma CaulfieldAnya
Michelle TrachtenbergDawn Summers
James MarstersSpike
Alyson HanniganWillow Rosenberg
Anthony HeadRupert Giles
D.B. WoodsidePrincipal Robin Wood
Mark MetcalfThe Master
Juliet LandauDrusilla
Harry GroenerMayor Richard Wilkins
Glenn MorshowerMr. Newton
Rick GonzalezTomas
Riki LindhomeCheryl
Kristine SutherlandJoyce Summers
Adam BuschWarren Meers
Danny StrongJonathan Levinson
Tom LenkAndrew Wells
Aimee MannHerself
Harris YulinQuentin Travers
K.D. AubertNikki Wood
Camden Toy√úbervamp
Nathan FillionCaleb
Eliza DushkuFaith
Dania RamirezCaridad
David BoreanazAngel

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