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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Fifth Season

===Story=== The fifth season of Joss Whedon's hit series started out in excellent form as slayer extraordinaire Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) did battle with the most famous of vampires (that Dracula guy) and then went on to spar with another nemesis, little sister Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg). Wait--Buffy has a teenage sister? Where has ''she'' been the past four years? And why is everyone acting like she's always been around? Turns out that young Dawn is actually "The Key," a form of pure energy that, true to its name, helps open the gates between different dimensions. To protect said key from falling into the wrong hands, a group of monks gave it human form and sent it to the fiercely protective Buffy for safekeeping, creating new memories of Dawn for everyone as if she'd existed... well, always. Why all the super secrecy? There's this very, very, ''very'' bad girl named Glory (Clare Kramer) who wants the key ''very'' badly, and will do anything to get it. Oh, and by the way, Glory isn't just a run-of-the-mill demon... she's ''way'' worse. Some fans will tell you that ''Buffy'' "jumped the shark" with the introduction of Dawn, when in actuality this season was the pinnacle of the show's achievement, as there was superb comedy to be had ("Buffy Vs. Dracula," the double-Xander episode "The Replacement," the introduction of the "Buffybot" in "Intervention") as well as some of television's best drama. The Whedon-scripted and -directed "The Body" remains one of ''Buffy'''s best episodes, when the young woman who faces down supernatural death on a daily basis finds herself powerless in the wake of her mother's sudden passing. The first third or so of the season was a bit choppy, but once the evil Glory came into her own, ''Buffy'' was a television force to be reckoned with. Kramer was the show's best villain (after the evil Angel, natch), and the supporting cast was never better. But as always, it was the superb Gellar who was the powerful center of the show, sparking opposite lovelorn vampire Spike (James Marsters) and wrestling with moral dilemmas rarely seen on television. With this season, Buffy Summers became, like Tony Soprano, one of television's true greats. ''--Mark Englehart'' ===DVD Features=== * Available subtitles: English, Spanish * Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround) * Commentary by writer David Fury and director David Grossman on Real Me' * Commentary by writer Doug Petrie on Fool for Love' * Commentary by writer Jane Espenson on I Was Made to Love You' * Commentary by writer/director Joss Whedon on The Body' * 22 episodes on six discs * Scripts for 'The Replacement,' 'Fool for Love,' 'Into the Woods,' and 'Checkpoint' * "Buffy Abroad" featurette * "Demonology: A Slayer's Guide" featurette * "Casting Buffy" featurette * "Action Heroes! The Stunts of Buffy" featurette * Series outtakes * "The Story of Season 5" featurette * "Natural Causes" featurette * "Spotlight on Dawn" featurette * Still gallery * Interactive video game trailer * DVD-ROM: Buffy Demon Guide * Number of discs: 6


Sarah Michelle GellarBuffy Summers
Nicholas BrendonXander Harris
Alyson HanniganWillow Rosenberg
Marc BlucasRiley Finn
Emma CaulfieldAnya
James MarstersSpike
Anthony HeadRupert Giles
Rudolf MartinDracula
Michelle TrachtenbergDawn Summers
Amber BensonTara Maclay
Kristine SutherlandJoyce Summers
James MarstersSpike
Mercedes McNabHarmony Kendall
Kelly DonovanXander Harris
Amy AdamsCousin Beth
Ezra BuzzingtonBartender
Kevin RankinDonny Maclay
David BoreanazAngel
Julie BenzDarla
Juliet LandauDrusilla
Nick ChinlundMajor Ellis
Harris YulinQuentin Travers
Dean ButlerHank Summers

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