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===Story=== It's hard to describe the hypnotic authority of director and actor Takeshi Kitano. In his first American venture, ''Brother'', Kitano plays a yakuza who's been exiled from Japan after the death of his boss. In Los Angeles, he discovers that his half-brother has become a small-time hood. Kitano quickly takes over, casually setting in motion gang wars and killing sprees. But a basketball game gets as much emphasis as an assassination; Kitano's camera watches a dead body lit up by the flash of gunshots, completely ignoring the shootout that's causing the light. Yet his movies don't seem arty, just efficient--and effective: you may not know whether to laugh or flinch, but you will not stop watching. As an actor, Kitano slouches, twitches, and stares blankly--but you won't stop watching him either. If you like ''Brother'', check out ''Fireworks'' and ''Sonatine''; gangsters will never seem the same. ''--Bret Fetzer'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Widescreen *Closed-captioned *Dolby


Takeshi Kitano
Kuroudo Maki

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