: : : Broken Wings
===Story=== This is a realistic drama that takes place in a middle-class Israeli neighborhood and involves the Ulman family - Dafna and her four children. The father has recently died under trivial circumstances and his death has left the family hurting, and in economic straits. It is the beginning of September, the first day of school. In most families this occasion generates excitement; for the Ulmans it produces one crisis after the other. As the day starts their stories develop and intertwine. The five-year old girl suffers from feelings of abandonment, the ten-year old boy tries to break the world record in the free jump (into an empty swimming pool), the teen-age boy has quit school and works handing out flyers disguised as a mouse. The two woman try to function as mothers. One of them, however, is herself only 17 years old.


Orly Silbersatz BanaiDafna Ulman
Maya MaronMaya Ulman
Daniel MagonIdo Ulman
Nitai GvirtzYair Ulman
Eliana MagonBahr Ulman
Vladimir FriedmanDr. Valentin Goldman
Dana IvgyIris
Yarden Bar-KochbaFlora

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7.3 / 10