: : : Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho

Breaking the Code: Behind the Walls of Chris Jericho

===Story=== A career that has spanned over two decades. Starting with his training days at Stu Hart's Dungeon, he would go on to wrestle in many different promotions across the North American continent, from Smoky Mountain Wrestling to Japan, from ECW to WCW and finally the WWE. During that time, one man has proceeded to ignite the crowds passions, and not sustain a serious, debilitating injury at the same time. That man is Chris Jericho. This 3-disk DVD collection spans the 20+year career of Chris Jericho, from Smoky Mountain Wrestling to Japan; from his Liontamer gimmick in ECW to his memorable WCW run, before Jericho made the jump to the WWE in 1999, dawning the beginning of Y2J. While he left the WWE for a time, he would return as dramatically as his debut, and continue to draw the emotions of the fans, from cheers to boos and everything in between regardless of the gimmick he was using. Two things can be agreed upon: Chris Jericho is a future Hall-of-Famer, and thanks to Chris Jericho, the WWE-and all of pro wrestling-will never, ever, ever, e-e-e-e-ver, be the same again! ===DVD Features===

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