: : : Boy Meets World - The Complete Third Season

Boy Meets World - The Complete Third Season

===Story=== It's a memorable year of self-discovery and heartbreak for Cory (Ben Savage), Shawn, Topanga, and the rest of the gang in BOY MEETS WORLD's hilarious third season. When Cory and Topanga see that their relationship is in a rut, they break up, believing that the magic they had is gone forever. Cory tries dating other girls, but soon realizes his mistake and attempts to "woo" Topanga back. But how much "wooing" will it take before they get together again? Now you can enjoy all 22 unforgettable episodes of the third season in one incredible DVD collection. It's all the laughs and tender moments you remember -- and with a bonus trivia game, it's a must-own set for any BOY MEETS WORLD fan. ===DVD Features=== *Dolby Surround 2.0 (English) *Show Quiz: "The World According to Boy" *Number of discs: 3


Ben SavageCory Matthews
William DanielsGeorge Feeny
Betsy RandleAmy Matthews
Will FriedleEric Matthews
Rider StrongShawn Hunter
Danielle FishelTopanga Lawrence
Alex DésertEli Williams
Brittany MurphyTrini
Ethan SupleeFrankie Stechino
William RussAlan Matthews
Adam ScottGriffin 'Griff' Hawkins
Micky DolenzGordy
Davy JonesReginald
Peter TorkJedediah Lawrence
Charisma CarpenterCaterer
Julie BenzBianca
Mena SuvariHilary
Leon WhiteFrankie Stechino Sr.
Maury SterlingEddie Hunter
Blake ClarkChet Hunter

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