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Blue's Clues - Shapes And Colors

===Story=== Joe and his friend Blue tackle the preschool basics of circles, rectangles, even trapezoids while sorting through Blue's hints as to where she would like most to see more shapes in "Shape Searchers." If the clues cash register, cart, and food don't add up for you, the kid chorus will help you out. The second episode finds the pair in their backyard making a "portrait of pals," a painting of their many-colored friends. But they only have primary colors, so in order to paint Orange Kitten, for instance, they have to mix red and yellow. Joe makes the most of this opportunity for a color lesson with the assistance of Shovel, who turns out to be a superb artist without the help of a brush. Who knew? (Ages 2 to 6) ''--Kimberly Heinrichs''


Steve Burns

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