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Blue's Clues - Blue's Big Band

===Story=== Rhythm and ritual reign in this jazzy duo of ''Blue's Clues'' episodes. When Blue and Joe decide to form a band in "Blue's Big Band," Tickety taps the triangle, Magenta shakes the tambourine, Sidetable raps, and Joe claps along with preschool viewers as they copy rhythms and practice careful listening to unearth the story behind the music. What instrument will Blue play? "Bedtime Business" details the bedtime routine at Blue's house, including Blue's favorite part of getting ready for bed. Viewers help identify body parts during Blue's bath and sort by pattern and color to help Blue's friends find their pajamas. Jam with Blue's big band, dance the "Toothbrush Tango," or just sit back and enjoy these two fun-filled musical stories. (Ages 2 to 6) ''--Tami Horiuchi''


Donovan Patton

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