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I want my money back


Apparently, the only thing Kim Basinger wants the world to know is that a mother's love can overcome all. She has an odd way of doing this; she makes bad movies. I Dreamed of Africa marked the follow-up to her Oscar winning performance in L.A. Confidential. She played a mother left to her own devices with her children. She fended for herself, learning the ways of the world and protecting her children. She found empowerment along the way. She was an independent woman! Bless the Child combines her sappy maternal love story with another recently maligned genre, the millennial thriller. End of Days, The Omega Code, Stigmata and the oft-delayed Lost Souls all play upon fears of the millennium to mixed results, usually bad. Watching the same bad movie over and over is not fun, and watching a combination of bad movies is even worse.

Oranges, browns, and blacks permeate the color schemes. But there is little tension in the movie. It is a forgone conclusion that O'Connor's love will win in the end, and she will single-handedly avert the end of the world, or whatever is going to happen. Watching her get to that point is almost painful. Out of all the millennial thrillers, Bless the Child probably contains the most references to religion. This is a double-edged sword. The heavy focus on Christianity will probably turn off many people. Others will cringe at the generalities taken with Biblical principles and stories. Overall, Bless the Child is I Dreamed of Africa all over again, and that is not a good thing.

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