: : : Bleach Vol. 10: The Entry
===Story=== At the top of the great staircase of the White Tower where Rukia is being held, Ichigo faces down fearsome Captain Zaraki of Squad 11. The desperate battle pushes Ichigo to the point that the spirit of his sword comes to him to help him gain access to the depths of his spiritual pressure. If he can do that, he might just survive another day in the Soul Society. Meanwhile, Chad has run into a wall in the form of Captain Kyoraku of Squad 8, whose laid-back style masks the extraordinary power of an elite Soul Reaper captain! ===DVD Features=== *Exclusive collector's stickers inside [/li]*Original and uncut anime [/li]*Bilingual (English & Japanese with optional subtitles)[/li]


Johnny Yong BoschIchigo Kurosaki
Michelle RuffRukia Kuchiki
Stephanie ShehOrihime Inoue

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