===Story=== The world of fandom can be a harsh one, especially when it comes to who has the most dedication. Paul Aufiero likes to think of himself as the New York Giants' biggest fan, and has even been subjected to beratings from those close to him for what they see as wasting his life. Such comments go unheeded, because that's what is needed for the conditions to be the biggest fan. Things change during a chance encounter with the Giants' linebacker Quantrell Bishop. After following the start whiling hanging back, Paul eventually decides to speak to the star, but things do not go as planned and the resulting events force Paul to question the things he believes in.


Patton OswaltPaul Aufiero
Kevin CorriganSal
Marcia Jean KurtzTheresa Aufiero
Michael RapaportPhiladelphia Phil
Gino CafarelliJeff Aufiero
Matt ServittoDetective Velardi
Jonathan HammQuantrell Bishop

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