: : : Big Bad Mama II
===Story=== When their home is repossessed, Wilma McClatchie's husband is killed and she and her two nubile young daughters set out to rob anything belonging to the owner of the bank concerned. With their exploits being chronicled by a newspaperman who has fallen for Wilma, the girls kidnap the banker's son who in turn falls for the younger daughter and joins in the gang's exploits with increasing enthusiasm. ===DVD Features=== *Audio commentary by director Jim Wynorski *Interview with Roger Corman


Angie DickinsonWilma McClatchie
Robert CulpDaryl Pearson
Danielle BriseboisBillie Jean McClatchie
Julie McCulloughPolly McClatchie
Jeff YagherJordan Crawford
Bruce GloverMorgan Crawford
Ebbe Roe SmithLucas Stroud
Charles CyphersStark

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