: : : Behind the Music That Sucks, Vol. 3 - Hairy Women of Rock!


Behind the Music That Sucks is a series for anyone who finds the animation on South Park a little too sophisticated. It's one long series of putdowns and insults, in this case for a variety of women in popular music. The creators take photos of famous singers' faces--Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Melissa Etheridge, Barbra Streisand--and put them on rudimentary cartoon bodies, then capsulize their careers in rude and vulgar ways using jerky animation. The problem is that the jokes are crude, relying less on cleverness than simple shock value and inappropriateness. Streisand nose jokes? Wow, never heard those before. Melissa Etheridge lesbian humor? That's a stretch. Still, making Mariah Carey into an even more chipmunk-cheeked diva does cause a smile. But what, no Whitney Houston? Now that's a lack of imagination. --Marshall Fine


Behind the Music That Sucks

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