: : : Behind the Music That Sucks, Vol. 1 - Pure Energy! Pure Rock!

Behind the Music That Sucks, Vol. 1 - Pure Energy! Pure Rock!

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===Story=== The spirit of Beavis and Butthead lives on in "Pure Energy! Pure Rock!", the first collection of ''Behind the Music that Sucks'', Heavy.com's always irreverent, occasionally humorous spoofs of VH-1's ''Behind the Music'' series. Whether that's a good thing or not will most likely depend on your age (16 or below would be ideal) and level of tolerance for jejune, puerile, and above all obvious shots at easy targets. The main problem is that ''Behind the Music'' is itself so inherently, absurdly amusing--and yet its tales of success, ruination, and redemption are also true, which has the dual result of making them oddly compelling and rendering broad parodies like ''Behind the Music that Sucks'' pretty much superfluous. That said, it should also be noted that some of the 10 segments here (there are also a couple of bonus features, including the "American Suck Countdown") can be fairly funny, and definitely off the wall, as ''Behind the Music that Sucks'' takes pot shots at the narcissism of Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan, Kiss's Jewish upbringing, Kid Rock's strident white-trash stupidity, Fred Durst's (of Limp Bizkit) obsession with Celine Dion, and plenty more. In the end, though, the formula of "Drugs, Failure, Kinky Sex and Caffiene" [sic], with its limited animation and endless supply of butt "jokes" and references to animal sex, sexually transmitted diseases, masturbation, and so on, will prove wearisome to all but the hopelessly brain dead. The one saving grace is that at around three minutes each, at least the segments are mercifully brief. ''--Sam Graham''


Behind the Music That Sucks

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