===Story=== Put Charles Grodin together with a 200-pound Saint Bernard and you're likely to come up with some good laughs. In this popular family comedy from 1992 Grodin plays a beleaguered dad who reluctantly lets his kids keep the lost puppy they've adopted. The dog quickly grows into the huge and clever hound named Beethoven. In a marked departure from his nice-guy roles in several Disney comedies from the 1960s and '70s, Dean Jones plays the villainous veterinarian who abducts Beethoven to be a subject in his sadistic animal experiments. The kidnapping sets the stage for a raucous rescue and, of course, an inevitable sequel. Innocuous but harmlessly entertaining, ''Beethoven'' is one of those movies that some kids can't get enough of. ''--Jeff Shannon''


Charles GrodinGeorge Newton
Bonnie HuntAlice Newton
Dean JonesHerman Varnick, D.V.M.
Nicholle TomRyce Newton
Christopher CastileTed Newton
Sarah Rose KarrEmily Newton
Oliver PlattHarvey
Stanley TucciVernon
David DuchovnyBrad
Patricia HeatonBrie
Joseph Gordon-LevittStudent #1

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