: : : Batman Vs. Dracula
===Story=== The Dark Knight. The Prince of Darkness. In One Royal Battle! Gotham City sleeps under the cover of darkness while two legendary bats take flight. One is turning the city into an army of vampires while the other does everything he can to stop the mayhem. But Dracula isn't simply one of The Batman's usual foe's; he's got supernatural powers of strength, speed and mind control. Even with his arsenal of high-tech gadgets, the Dark Knight is still a mortal man. This is one face-off that could clip The Batman's wings permanently! Also starring favorite characters like The Joker, The Penguin and Vicky Vale, in her first appearance in the series, this feature-length animated movie is fang-tastic! ===DVD Features=== Features: Science vs. Superstition: Batman's computer gives light to the legend of Dracula and all its rumors. City of Knight: Click on a map of Gotham and discover behind the scenes and hidden buttons with short video clips of the making of. Voices in Close Up: Multi-window montage with pop-up trivia boxes and interview footage give intimate interview looks at the voices behind Batman vs. Dracula


Rino RomanoThe Batman / Bruce Wayne (voice)
Peter StormareDracula (voice)
Tara StrongVicky Vale (voice)
Tom KennyThe Penguin (voice)
Kevin Michael RichardsonThe Joker (voice)
Alastair DuncanAlfred Pennyworth (voice)
Jeff BennettArkham Asylum Inmate (voice)
Richard GreenAdditional Voices
Neil RossAdditional Voices
James SieAdditional Voices

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