: : : Basilisk: Volume 3 - The Parting Of Ways

Basilisk: Volume 3 - The Parting Of Ways

===Story=== The time has come for the heart to harden, and two lovers must choose to stand one against the other or lead all to their destruction. Adoring eyes have now become the weapon of war. The Iga's elaborate deception has come to an end, their treacherous advantage lost. Hatred that has smoldered for generations drives history to repeat, as the call goes out for the past to be avenged. But as one lover turns to the light, the other choose to look away. And what Oboro has given freely. Gennosuke has taken away. As the numbers fall the stakes rise ever higher, with the fate the most bitter enemy of all. No mercy will be spared to the enemy. Episodes: 9. Farewell
10. Divine Mandate
11. On their Own
12. Remembrance ===DVD Features=== •Behind the Scenes of Basilisk •Japanese Original Extra Features •Textless Songs •Trailers
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7.5 / 10