: : : Basilisk: Volume 1 - Scrolls Of Blood

Basilisk: Volume 1 - Scrolls Of Blood

===Story=== Reared from birth as sworn enemies, two lovers stand with hands entwined. As they seek to break the shackles of darkness and heal the wounds of the past, fate denies their quest and thrusts them into war. Four hundred years have passed, four centuries of enforced peace which have failed to soften the hatred between the Kong and Iga clans. Misfortune written in the heavens, one cruel day breaks the treaty binding these fearsome foes. Pitted one against the other in a deadly fight for Shogun, the terms have been set. Two lists seal their destinies, two lists from which a name can only be crossed out in blood. No mercy will be spared to the enemy. Episodes: 1. Destiny
2. Last Rendezvous
3. The Onslaught of War
4. The Horned Owl ===DVD Features=== •History of the Ninja •Character Cast Auditions •Director/Actor Commentary •Textless Songs •Trailers
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8.0 / 10