Barbershop 2: Back in Business review
Good movie, but why the sequel in the first place?


The original Barbershop was hilarious; a breath of fresh air that was fun and profane. It was a hit, which means that eventually , Barbershop 2 would arrive. Well, it's here, and takes the shape of your ordinary sequel. The filmmakers are trying a little too hard to recreate the magic of the original. Yes, there are funny moments here, but many things feel forced. Although it's not quite a bad movie, there just doesn't seem to be any point for its existence. Well, actually, there is. The extended Queen Latifah cameo is there to set up a spin-off film, Beauty Shop. And who says that movie studios are making movies for money?

There's a lot going on, but the film still stretches to reach its standard running time. There's a general lack of focus in the story, as it wanders from one sub-plot to the next. Thematically, it plays like the original. As Calvin tries to compete with Nappy Cutz, he begins to change the barbershop for what he thinks is the better. The barbershop begins to lose its spirit and sense of fun, kind of like the movie does. Still, it is nice to spend some more time with these characters, and there are a few choice insults thrown, mostly between Latifah and Cedric. It is enough to keep the movie entertaining, but still not enough to justify why it was made in the first place.

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